Tired Of 8- & 16-Stage Step Sequencers? Check Out This Monster!

ivy is a 240-stage step sequencer created by Moscow-based media artist Dmitry Morozov, aka ::vtol::, for an interactive sound installation.

Here’s what Morozov had to tell us about the project:

The project is created specially for Open Codes exhibition in ZKM center, dedicated to codes and programming in art.

On one side, Ivy is a representation of an archaic method of electronic music programming for analog synthesizers. On the other side – gigantic scale and obsessive multiplication of simple primitive elements turns this project into an art installation, that is referring to the topic of graphic and physical organization of parameters in electronic music.

Technical Details:


  • Arduino Mega with 74hc4067 multiplexors
  • Teensy for led control
  • ws2811 leds
  • 10k sliders x240


  • Max/MSP

24 thoughts on “Tired Of 8- & 16-Stage Step Sequencers? Check Out This Monster!

  1. I was able to emulate a 240 note sequencer with Ableton Live version 9
    It was hard work, but my friends are Amazed.

  2. There’s joke about Russian Tech in this story,,,somewhere…”it is the biggest step sequencer in the world , unfortunately the power supply is the size of a truck”….maybe? or just I love it but will it fit in the overhead?

  3. love this , looks ace. sounds like a great idea for project
    would like a fiddle with them sliders
    good going dude

  4. 🙂 Hilarious fun.

    His web site is definitely worth checking out, it’s filled with countless videos of the same sort of confoundingly weird stuff.

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