Pharrell Williams Joins ROLI as Chief Creative Officer

ROLI has released their first studiopack, Happy, for their free NOISE app. The release coincides with the announcement that Pharrell [Williams], who composed and performed the hit song on which the studiopack is based, has been named Chief Creative Officer at the London-based company.

As Chief Creative Officer, Pharrell will help co-design the next generation of music creation devices at ROLI. The company’s announcement explains, “Seaboard and BLOCKS are just the beginning of our long-term mission to create … instruments that open up music creation to everyone. Pharrell will be by our side as we enter the next stage.”

In an interview published today on Business Insider, ROLI founder Roland Lamb said that the partnership with Williams came about after Lamb discovered that “what he had been working on and thinking about” were “similar ideas in parallel” along with Williams.’

Business Insider also disclosed that Pharrell had invested in ROLI, but remarked that the company did not disclose how much Williams would invest.  The company has raised a total of $43.5 million (£32.8 million) in funding thus far.

The “Happy by Pharrell” studiopack. “Happy” is a “groundbreaking” studiopack for ROLI’s NOISE app. The pack deconstructs the chords, basslines, and vocals of “Happy,” giving the user the raw materials to create their own song.

The NOISE app is available for free via the App Store. The collaborative studiopack, “Happy by Pharrell,” can be found in the NOISE app under Bundles. An Android version of the app and the studiopack is also available.



20 thoughts on “Pharrell Williams Joins ROLI as Chief Creative Officer

  1. They need to find a way to take that technology from the app world to hardware. Imagine a Minilogue with the keys of a seaboard. I’d even be fine with an expressive monosynth. Something about spending all this money for this great new tech to connect to an app.

    Hm. Wonder if it would work with Moog’s Model 15 or the Animoog?

  2. Obviously this is really just for PR, if they really wanted someone to do the job they would go with someone who had the relevant credentials such as Moldover.

  3. Problem with the seaboard and brand is that you have to know how to play a keyboard to use the product to make cool sounds. Thus, blocks are born. Look at who they’re targeting…. fix that first.

  4. Are you guys kidding me? Pharrell has produced more hits than any producer…

    This is great and exciting news for ROLI. They need to create a product that producers can actually use. ROLI’s product still feels extremely premature.

    1. Yes he was also involved with Robin Thicke, in the stealing an entire song from Marvin Gaye. They knowingly did so and then refused to acknowledge that they had stolen the song. They were brought to court by the Gaye family and lost. It cost them $18 million. They totally deserved it

      1. It would be a falsehood to say they ‘stole a whole song’.

        They didn’t steal either the melody or the chords of the song, which were original, but instead the prosecutor successfully argued that they copied the ‘feel’ or sound of the song.

        This had never been an issue up to then, and it’s widely thought that they lost because Thicke came across as an ass on court, rather than on the merits of the case.

  5. Doesn’t CME have/had Jordan Rudess, immensely talented we can all agree on, as the creative director of their products? Where is CME? What had that relationship culminated in? Just an honest postulation.

  6. You don’t have to like his music, but saying he’s not an exceptionally accomplIshed artist and producer is just not true. Hes’s won 10 Grammy awards. He’s one of the most sought after producers in the popular music industry.

    I don’t like the grammy’s, or listen to pop music, but facts are facts.

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