Woob – Limited Edition Tokyo Run ‘Zoetrope’ LP

British electronic artist Woob (Paul Frankland) let us know about his latest release, Tokyo Run, which is available in digital form, but also as a unique vinyl release.

Tokyo Run is pressed as a limited edition, ‘Zoetrope’ style animated picture disc. See the embedded video, above, for a preview. 

The Tokyo Run ‘Zoetrope’ vinyl is created using images from the original short film of the same name and accompanies the new Woob album. The vinyl includes an exclusive track, Fallen, with all tracks specifically mastered for the vinyl release.

The album is described as ‘a dark and cinematic insight into a dystopian future nobody wants’.

Synths used on the album include Dreadbox Hades, Yamaha CS15 & Arp Odyssey.

You can preview Tokyo Run below or via Bandcamp:

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