New Halloween Inspired NES Game & Soundtrack, ‘Creepy Brawlers’

Mega Cat Studios let us know that they’ve released a new fighting game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Creepy Brawlers, that combines retro-styled fighting action and an original 8-bit soundtrack. 


  • Creepy Brawlers is an actual NES game, cartridge and all- you’ll need to whip out your Nintendo to play!
  • Eleven monsters to fight, inspired by classic horror stories
  • Four arenas, including the Monster Movie Mansion and top secret Laboratory 52
  • Evolving enemies- This isn’t even my final form!
  • An achievement system, with 18 achievements to unlock
  • Super Spooky

Creeping It Reel

In addition to the NES game, the game’s chiptune soundtrack, which includes music by Danimal Cannon and Mitch Foster, is available on a separate NES cartridge, Creeping It Reel

Max Cat tells us that the NES cartridge includes ‘the legendary Dancing Pumpkin Man (you have to see it to believe it) and a Trick-or-Treat pachinko minigame.’

See the Mega Cat Studios site for details.

3 thoughts on “New Halloween Inspired NES Game & Soundtrack, ‘Creepy Brawlers’

    1. Personally, i was pretty impressed with the effort of reworking everything, but mostly the music and the fact that they even manufactured a cartridge for an obsolete platform. To each his own.

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