Prehistoric Instruments For Ableton Live

AfroDJMac (Brian Funk) has introduced a new collection of Ableton Live Instruments, ANCIENT, made with samples from some of “man’s oldest instruments’.

ANCIENT offerrs 104 Ableton Live Instrument and Drum Racks, all made from samples of instruments that date back to prehistoric times.


  • 104 Ableton Live Instrument
  • 1.5 GB of samples
  • Huge variety of instruments: primitive drums, percussion, flutes, and strings, as well as instruments that mimic animal calls and natural atmospheres
  • Many instruments are true to the original sounds of the sampled instruments
  • Other instruments use those samples to create more modern sounds.

You can hear more about the creation of this sound library via AfroDJMac’s Music Production podcast.

Pricing and Availability

ANCIENT is available now for $15 or as the current download of the month for the AfroDJMac Music Production Club. A free NCIENT Chimes and Drums Live pack is also available.

4 thoughts on “Prehistoric Instruments For Ableton Live

  1. It’s actually called “ANCIENT Instruments”, incorrectly titled “Prehistoric Instruments” here on Synthtopia. That is a gross disrespect for indigineous people who use these instruments from their inception up to and including today. These are not “prehistoric people” aka neanderthals. Please retitle.

    1. It’s actually indigenous, not indigineous. Or, preferably, autochthonous. Some also use terms such as aboriginal, first nations, and native.

      I am not sure why one would believe that only “indigineous” peoples use ancient instruments. Ancient instruments are still used by all, or nearly all contemporary cultures.

      I agree about the point regarding prehistoric. This is often used to trash indigenous systems of record keeping, often in conjunction with claims that indigenous peoples are illiterate and have no recorded history. This has not been the case with any peoples groups I’ve worked with.

    1. yes, you are right. we all have common prehistoric ancestors.

      however, many people who today use “prehistoric” instruments tend to have melanin in their skin and live in countries that are in debt to international banks.

      according to which “history” are these people “prehistoric”?

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