Yonac Kauldron For iOS (Horrorshow Sneak Preview)

Yonac Software shared a sneak preview of a new software synth for iOS, Kauldron.

Details for Yonac Kauldron are still to be announced, but it appears to be a retro-styled skeomorphic virtual analog.

The teaser video pays tribute to the opening and theĀ Wendy Carlos soundtrack of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.


11 thoughts on “Yonac Kauldron For iOS (Horrorshow Sneak Preview)

  1. Yonac does a great job with all their apps. Magellan is one of the classic iOS synths, Kaspar has a lot of depth if you push it beyond the presets and ToneStack is my go to for FX chaining. This will be a no brainer purchase for me.

  2. I hope there is more to it than appears here. So far I don’t see anything that has not already been done a dozen times or so. Another 3 VCO -> LPF -> VCA voice path synthesizer is not exactly going to break new ground or even sell very well at this point.

    1. Yeah, we got Mood Synth already, but it doesn’t exactly try to recreate the Minimoog. We have the iMini, but it lacks AU support.

    2. There is. Look at the square red bottoms at the top in the video. To the right of the Synth button is a Mod and more. You can’t judge a synth by just it’s appearance or even, necessarily, by it’s specs alone. How does it sound is the question more than anything other than the UI. Of course an oscillator based synth will have oscillators, filter/s (not just LP. That’s just one of the choices) and an amplifier. They have to have that much. And the filter is a big part of the synths sound. What are it’s characteristics? E.G. 12 or 24 decibels per octave, how pronounced is the resonance at the filter’s cutoff, etc. And listen to that luscious sound in the video!

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