Moog Sub 37 Upgrade To Subsequent 37 Now Available

Moog Music has announced that Moog Sub 37 owners who would like to update their synthesizer with hardware revisions found in the new Subsequent 37 can now contact an Authorized Moog Service Center to upgrade their instrument.

The upgrade is offered in two configurations:

The Full Sub 37 Upgrade: $350 + shipping

Replaces Analog Board (Subsequent sound engine), Right-Panel Board (high-powered headphone amp) and Key-bed with those found in the Subsequent 37. User pays shipping one-way, Moog covers the return shipping.

Key-bed Only Update: $159 + shipping

Installs the Subsequent 37’s upgraded Key-bed for improved playability and swift action. User pays shipping one-way, Moog covers the return shipping.

All U.S. upgrades will be performed at the Moog Factory in Asheville, NC. To request a Sub 37 upgrade in the U.S., email techsupport at For international upgrades, contact your regional Authorized Moog Service Center.

Note: Upgrade options cannot be split up beyond the two options listed. It will not be possible to add CV Outputs to the Sub 37. Prices listed are for service obtained in the U.S.–International pricing may vary.

via Reid Baty

17 thoughts on “Moog Sub 37 Upgrade To Subsequent 37 Now Available

    1. Well you could buy 4 Behringer D’s and have change left over for the price of one Moog, I’d take the Moog though over 4 D’s ….. the lights are much prettier 😀

  1. I’m pretty happy with my Sub37 as is and it’ll be one of the last things I’d sell. I doubt I’ll pay what amounts that price to upgrade. If it added the CV outs it would be a different story.

  2. My keybed is definitely a little rickety and uneven on an otherwise awesome product.

    However, it works fine and I don’t expect it to break so I’m torn on whether to spend the dough.

    1. Maybe they sourced the keybed from Uli Behringer lol. That sounds just like my Deepmind 12 .. an uneven and rickety keybed on an otherwise awesome synth.

  3. Sold my Sub 37 to fund other gear. I am happy. Sold it just in time before the new version was announced and got a decent price for it.

  4. No CV outputs leaves me a little cold on the upgrade. Maybe I’ll do it in time. Happy with the product as is and I think the sound is excellent. I’m not really a keyboardist so if they offered the new sound engine and headphone boards without the keybed, I’d probably do that.

      1. I wouldn’t want it if it isn’t ergonomic. I prefer the large format modular stuff so a full size desktop to go with the moogerfooger effects would be dreamy.

  5. The cv output upgrade would be really useful to so many people so it seems rather sad not to offer it. It’s definitely the one upgrade that I would wish for on my sub 37.

  6. Key-bed Only Update: $159 + shipping. Because Moog sold you a synth for a lot of money with a noisy bad keybed. Thats what we call service!

  7. Can you buy a subsequent 37 and pay for the case and wooden side panels of a sub 37? The subsequent 37 is one of the ugliest keyboards I have ever seen.

  8. Moog should be replacing those wonky Substandard37 keybeds for free! I’ve had three S37’s – the first two got sent back with keybeds that were so bad they actually had dead notes and the third one, which I kept, does what it’s supposed to do but the keybed looks like a 40-year old vintage synth its so rickety. Without the CV, this upgrade is not worth the money imho.

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