Novation Intros Circuit Macro Editor

Novation today introduced Circuit Macro Editor, which lets you see and edit the parameters being controlled by the Circuit’s 8 macro knobs.

Circuit Macro Editor lets you edit macro assignments, save edits to the Cloud, and push them out to your Circuit. It works interactively and bi-directionally with the Circuit, making your display an extension of the device itself. 

Additionally, a lot of users wanted to mix and match patches from several packs. The Patch Pool feature makes it a lot easier to do this, allowing patches to be saved to a pool that can be imported as single sounds into any pack.

Circuit Macro Editor is available now from the Components content manager.

10 thoughts on “Novation Intros Circuit Macro Editor

    1. What is the cost of a 1-line LCD matrix display these days? We have NORD synths where you can’t see preset names… and stand-alone low-cost Novation devices which require a Mac to operate fully… This is getting daft.

    2. It’s amazing to me how many people must rely on their eyes to make music, and not their ears. Those trashy 808’s and 909’s sure sucked, eh?

  1. the ‘lack’ of a display is one of the things i like most about the Circuit. it’s a wonderful instrument of intuitive inspiration. to compose, jam, whatever, using primarily your ears, hands/fingers and eyes (there *is* colour feedback system to learn, or not) is an absolute joy (especially if one works a rubbish office job, staring at a pc all day, and a smartphone on the commute there and back). I’ve had a Circuit (or two) since it’s initial release and have never got bored with it; it just improves over time. Kudos to Novation.

    1. the only thing I would want a display for though is macro info – everything else doesn’t really matter as far as the workflow goes but if you download someone else’s patch you need to hook up to a computer to see what you are actually editing. – I wouldn’t mind a display on a future model but I don’t think it is necessary – although they could also add like 5 knobs that are hardcoded too that would get around it – say an attack, decay/release, cutoff, res, and lfo strength – make the unit just a little wider and throw it on the left side -that would make a display pretty unnecessary at least for live play – it would be good too because I always run out of macro knobs since I have 5 that i always assign those to in every patch

  2. Very cool update. Would love for this to work on iOS. Phonegap/cordova with a little bit of webmidi hacking…

    Also, so long as I’m dreaming in public, SHFT+MACRO Knobs for 8 more controls super duper pretty pretty please. Preferably set globally so that users could assign 8 synth controls to them and always have them available. By default, something like cutoff, res, ADSR, LFO rate and LFO depth, or something.

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