How To Program The Rare & ‘Annoyingly Complicated’ Cheetah MS800

The Cheetah MS800 is synthesizer that’s best known for being rare, ‘annoyingly complicated‘ and the synth used by Aphex Twin (Richard D. James) for his Cheetah LP

In this set of videos, Paddy C takes a look at programming the Cheetah MS800.

Does it deserve its reputation for being ‘annoyingly complicated’? Check out the videos and let us know what you think!


7 thoughts on “How To Program The Rare & ‘Annoyingly Complicated’ Cheetah MS800

  1. How was this synth thought to be helpful to creators with such intense programmable complexity? ?

    Why being so rare maybe…

    Thanks for making the video

    1. Hi. Paddy C here: I own one, and I taught myself how to program it, so I guess I was the right sort of person to make the videos.
      It’s easier to sell something if people know what it can do, nobody had a done a video on the MS800 so I did one.
      When they do turn up second hand you’ll be better informed of what you’re buying and what it might be worth to you.
      Nobody said it was easy…

  2. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than any other synth with a two digit display and buttons.

    Just fantastically annoying.

    Nobody remembers what all the parameters are, so you have the book in front of you the whole time, or a listing at least.

  3. Yamaha had some famous hard to program synth as well
    like the Yamaha FS1R
    Note, even though these are rare, what gets even rarer with time those who have info on them. With youtube there is a greater chance info will be there

    GREATEST MYTH OF INTERNET,, anything posted there is there forever
    Want proof , look up EFM “electronics for musicians” or HG Fortune. And O know a bunch of others, that internet way back machine does not fully have

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