Malekko Heavy Industry MANTHER Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Malekko Heavy Industry shared this preview of their MANTHER – a desktop synth that features an entirely analog signal path with a 64-step sequencer.

The analog monosynth is based around a CEM3340-based VCO IC. The CEM3340 is found in a lot of classic analog synths, including the Moog Memorymoog, the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 and the Roland SH-101.

The MANTHER’s analog filters are based on the CEM3320, much like the Sequential Circuits Pro One, the Prophet-5 and the Oberheim OB-8.

MANTHER’s source mixer allows for total control over square, triangle, sine, tri shape, noise and sub levels. The desktop synth module also features a mini-keyboard as well as record and song modes. The MANTHER offers lots of I/O options, including CV, MIDI, clock and gate.

Official details are still to come at the Malekko site.

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  1. Sounds like one of those eurorack farts-jams… sorry, not impressed by this demo. i believe this is a great synth but this video didn’t show that IMHO.

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