Realitone Screaming Trumpet Hands-On Demo

Realitone has introduced Screaming Trumpet, a new virtual instrument, created in association with Warp IV


  • TONE, TONE AND TONE – Google Wayne Bergeron. When Jeff Steinman of Warp IV first envisioned this library, he specifically wanted Wayne. For good reason.
    • 8 Sustain Articulations
    • 14 Swell articulations (including flutter tongue)
    • 20 Start/Attack articulations
    • 26 Release articulations
  • ROUND ROBINS – 3 scripted round robins on every articulation.
  • FULL RANGES – All articulations, including attacks and releases, are full range, from E2 to a screaming high Bb4. (Trumpet double-high C.)
  • KONTAKT 5.2 or higher – Screaming Trumpet requires the full version of Kontakt (5.2 or higher.)

Pricing and Availability

Screaming Trumpet is available now, with an intro price of US $99.95.

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