VHS Drums Ableton Live Pack Lets You Pump Up The Volume, 80s Style

AfroDJMac has introduced VHS Drums, a collection of 600 drum samples, recorded to VHS tapes and then back into Ableton Live.

Here’s what developer Brian Funk has to say about the Live Pack:

The 600 drum samples come from a wide range of sources: vintage drum machines, synthesizers, and acoustic samples. They were chosen for their 1980’s vibe.

Some are signature sounds of the decade, others were pre-processed with effects like gated reverbs that epitomize that 80’s sound.

After the drums were carefully edited and cropped, I used my VCR to record them over an old copy of Pump Up the Volume, starring Christian Slater (I’m pretty sure that movie added to the sonic power of this Pack!).

From there, the drums were resampled into Ableton Live, where the slicing, chopping, and cropping process began again.

Here’s the official video intro:

Pricing and Availability

The VHS Drums Ableton Live Pack is available now for US $15.

4 thoughts on “VHS Drums Ableton Live Pack Lets You Pump Up The Volume, 80s Style

  1. Thanks to Chicky on SonicTalk I now own EchoMelt2 by Psychic Modulation and my VCR is back in the closet where it belongs… only to emerge on rare occasions when Tales from the Quaddead Zone needs playing.

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