Faderfox PC12 MIDI Controller Hands-On Demo

The latest loopop video takes a look at the Faderfox PC12 MIDI controller, a knob-filled universal controller for MIDI hardware and software.


  • Universal controller for all kinds of midi controllable hard- and software
  • USB interface with bus powering – class compliant / no driver necessary
  • 2 MIDI in and out ports with routing and merge functionality
  • Extension port to connect a second NEW MODULE device
  • 72 pots with rubber knobs and standard midi resolution of 7bit
  • 1 push encoders with detents (30 pulses) and 14 bit high resolution mode
  • 12 buttons with LED for switchable parameters
  • 4-digit-display to show values and programming data
  • Data feedback for all controls avoid value jumps
  • Programmable value ranges with min/max values
  • Fast control assign by incoming midi commands (assign whole rows of controls by one command)
  • All controls (incl. push buttons) fully programmable in the device
  • Different command types like control change, pitch bend, aftertouch, program change and notes
  • Advanced programming functions like copy, paste, duplicate, channel sets
  • 30 setups with backup/restore function contain all controller settings and presets
  • Switchable Snap function for all pots to avoid value jumps
  • Sanpshot and Preset functions to send momentary values or stored presets for all pots/keys
  • Upgradable firmware by simple Sysex-dump
  • Very compact and solid design in a black metal casing (size 340x176x75 mm, weight 1.3 kg)
  • Same size like Elektron MK1 devices (use ELEKTRON accessories like dust cover and bags)
  • Cascading of devices one behind the other via the side connections

Video Summary:

Faderfox is a one man company out of Hamburg that has been making controllers for quite some time. I’ve seen you feature some of their products in the past.

The new PC12 is part of the “new module” series which are standalone, programmable controllers to control both software and hardware synths and devices. The device has two MIDI ins, two MIDI outs, is USB powered and can send and receive MIDI data over USB as well.

The PC12 is extremely well built and flexible. It’s most striking feature is the 72 knobs, but actually has a lot more power under the hood which support for 30 setups (device configurations), 30 presets/snapshots (paramter positions), MIDI routing and more.

It comes with templates for Ableton and Elektron RYTM but can be quickly configured to work with anything else.

Pricing and Availability

The Faderfox PC12 is available for 399 Euro (excl. VAT).

If you’ve used the Faderfox PC12, share your thoughts on it in the comments.

12 thoughts on “Faderfox PC12 MIDI Controller Hands-On Demo

  1. Well, thats really nice device but with knobs, not encoders, snapshots doesn’t really make a sense…
    Besides that it’s cool to have 72 knobs in front of You, to work with!!
    More stuff like this, but maybe with encoders next time;)

  2. I was glad to see that it has 14-bit high resolution capability. A total of “1 push encoders … and 14 bit high resolution mode”. (cue sad trombone). One is better than none.

    Having snapshots makes sense to me, since you can’t move all those knobs back to their settings quickly or accurately. However, without rotary encoders, you don’t have any feedback for the actual values in the snapshot.

    I love this device though. Glad to see lots of knobs, and plenty of I/O. Would have liked to see some footswitch & foot CC inputs, but for that many knobs, it’s hard to complain. You could connect an external MIDI footswitch via MIDI DIN

    1. Now, that’s what I’m talking about!! Lots of endless encoders. This 36 version with lights for every encoder is even better idea:)
      Thanks for information Slax!

  3. Looks like they are serious with this new products!!!

    I can gripe about no foot-switch ins, or a lack of buttons, etc. but ultimately, it is great that they are offering these different configurations. And that they can be daisy-chained!

  4. FWIW This has midi feedback and takeover, just like the UC4 and the PC44. It’s worked well on my UC4 – well enough that my x-touch is no longer on my desk. Haven’t tried it yet on the PC44. This is basically a sideways/redesigned PC44.

  5. How does this compare with the Midi Fighter Twister? it has continuous controllers but they also function as push buttons. Plus some sequencing features….

  6. Its poor. Just re-packing it to send back. wobbly pots all squashed together, a million combos to learn to make it do anything useful. overpriced.

  7. Seems perfect to use as a roland d-50 or fm synth programmer!!! Only thing missing is some kind of small lcd screen or something above every knob that you can name yourself. Because now you gotta use tape or something to write on if u wanna be able to program a synth without knobs for example. But I still want it so bad…

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