Zeppelin Intros Altura, A Theremin-Style MIDI Controller

Zeppelin Design Labs has introduced the Altura – a theremin-style MIDI controller that’s available pre-built or as as DIY project.

As you move your hands in the air, the Altura transmits MIDI data , which can be used to control any General MIDI synthesizer. The Altura can be used to control pitch, volume, velocity, bend, modulation, portamento, and more.

The Altura is based on the Arduino platform, so it’s also possible to load updates or your own software. The Altura software is open source.


  • Right Sensor – MIDI Pitch (Note On/Off)
    • Octave Select – set 1 to 8 octaves, ascending or descending
    • Key Select
    • Scale Select – choose from 12 different modes
  • Left Sensor – Send Control Change
    • Pitch Bend
    • Modulation
    • Velocity
    • Channel Volume
    • Portamento Time
    • Data value is adjustable to any range from 0-127, ascending or descending
  • X-Y Mode: Both left and right sensors send Control Change data, any value, any two controllers
  • Channel Select
  • Articulation (responsiveness) adjust
  • 9V DC Power Input — wall wart or battery
  • MIDI Out
  • Power On indicator
  • 3-digit display
  • ISP Header

Pricing and Availabilty

The Altura is available as a DIY project or assembled, with prices ranging from US $49 to $129.

via Sonic State

6 thoughts on “Zeppelin Intros Altura, A Theremin-Style MIDI Controller

  1. This is a great idea. Not too expensive, with proper 5 pin midi. I looked at the manual and xy mode you can hold the current cc value and remove your hand – the equivalent of a non-sprung joystick. I’m looking forward to seeing some demos.

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