New Arduino-Based DIY Synth, The ArduTouch

Developer Mitch Altman today introduced the ArduTouch music synthesizer – a DIY synth, based on the Arduino platform.

The Arduino is a popular open source computing platform, based on inexpensive microcontrollers and open source software. It’s popular with music DIYers, and is the heart of many projects, like the ArdCore programmable synth module.

Here’s a demo of the ArduTouch in action:


  • Touch keyboard, with knob and switch controls
  • Arduino comes pre-programmed
  • Can be updated with new synths
  • Arduino-compatible

Details on the project are available at the project site.

Pricing and Availability

The ArduTouch is available now for US $29.99.

2 thoughts on “New Arduino-Based DIY Synth, The ArduTouch

    1. The built-in speaker and amp are just good enough to play and make sound, while keeping the price low. But the audio from the stereo line-out jack is quite decent sound!

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