Audiothingies DoubleDrummer Hands-On Demo

Audiothingies shared this video demo of the DoubleDrummer, a 12-voice hybrid synthesis/sample player drum sound generator.

The DoubleDrummer has 6 channels of drum synthesis (kick, snare, toms, clap, cowbell and hihats). Each of these 6 channels has been tuned to provide a wide range of sounds within a limited set of parameters per channel.

Then DoubleDrummer also has 6 channels of drum sample playback, with 56 internal drum sounds to choose from, within a wide variety of kick, snares, toms, cymbals, and other percussion.

Pricing and Availability

The DoubleDrummer is expected to be available in November 2017, priced at 252.50€. 

7 thoughts on “Audiothingies DoubleDrummer Hands-On Demo

    1. I had the opposite impression. The MicroMonsta sounds quite good, but I thought this sounded remarkably weak, but it could have just been a poor demo.

      For digital drum synthesis, I don’t think the Nord Drum (any of them) can be beat.

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