Elektron Overbridge Free For All

Elektron today announced that it is making Overbridge available free for all, for all our Overbridge-enabled instruments.

Going forward, there will not be an Overbridge Basic and Overbridge Premium, now there will only be Overbridge.

In a statement, Elektron said that “The seamless computer integration of Elektron instruments, made possible by Overbridge, is a very important, useful and unique feature. It really elevates our instruments and boosts the production workflow. And we want as many musicians as possible to experience this.”

They also announced plans for the next version of Overbridge, which should be available in February 2018. It will support Analog Keys, Analog Heat, Digitakt, Analog Four MKI/MKII and Analog Rytm MKI/MKII.

Key features in the Overbridge update include:

  • Free of charge
  • New standalone editor, allowing for DAW-less operation.
  • Improved plugin compatibility for several DAWs.
  • Enhanced performance using our new multi-process architecture.
  • New reworked and unified graphics design with increased contrast and usability

High-speed USB products (currently Analog Heat, Digitakt, Analog Four MKII and Analog Rytm MKII) will see these additional benefits:

  • Lower latency.
  • Faster Total Recall and Automation.
  • Configuration-less USB audio streaming of all available channels simultaneously at maximum quality.


11 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge Free For All

  1. Please, no one say anything about the Octatrack. Its not going to happen. Save your typing fingers and enjoy that Electron dodged a bullet with their basic/premium model. Subscription models or anything that starts to charge you for something that was once free starts to look a bit scummy. Kudos to them for making the right call.

      1. The day they released overbridge, they said the OT would never be supported. Its on the website. Just funny how many people are so frustrated. They even give a detailed explanation as to why it wont be. I always saw it like trying to put a nintendo cartridge into a sega genesis and said “Oh well” and moved on. I might be the only one that did that.

  2. That’s awesome and if I can get the individual tracks from the Digitakt into the editor Elektron will be the greatest ever.

    edit: Durrr… I guess that’s what this means

    Configuration-less USB audio streaming of all available channels simultaneously at maximum quality.

  3. Now lets hope the DAW support will make this great. Still have only been able to use it to its full potential in Ableton, but tried Cubase, Maschine and Logic. If you cant just record straight audio without running things through a bus/group channel then bouncing that to an audio track, kind of defeats the purpose. In Ableton, you just turn on overbridge…Done. Recording audio like a champ. Workarounds are only good sometimes, 100% of the time, just not this time.

  4. Wow, common sense won!

    Or – they still haven’t gotten it to work reliably and cannot charge without huge complains from paying customers…

    1. and at the same time, now any complaints can be met with “its free, take it or leave it – BUH BYE!!”

      and so forth, like Conan used to do on his late night show

  5. It’s a good move from Elektron! Unfortunately Overbridge doesn’t support Xeon processors and runs really faulty on my Mac Pro. I don’t think they will change that, so I’ll just look forward to use it once I upgrade my computer.

  6. Would be nice if they could expand OB to include a sample transfer library function for the AR. The existing way to load samples feels a bit outdated.

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