Jean-Michel Jarre Interview & Synth Jam

This video, via Erica Synths, features Jean-Michel Jarre in his Paris studio.

Jarre discusses inspiration, creativity, synths and the future of electronic music. And the second half of the video captures a studio jam seesion between Jarre & Kodek.

“My first source of inspiration in my life, since I was a student, is the gear – the technology and the instruments,” notes Jarre.

“Lots of people think that electronic music is cold and robotic. It’s not at all cerebral or intellectual….it’s exactly the reverse,” adds Jarre.  “I am born in France in Lyon, in the capital of cooking. We love cooking and, for me, electronic music is like cooking. Cooking loops, beats, frequencies and waveforms in a very tactile and sensual way.”

“When you have all these knobs and this fantastic interface between the sound you have in mind or the sound you don’t have in mind, but you are going to discover, and yourself….it is something that is much more direct than a score with a piece paper. Because, when you think of it, this is a very intellectual and cerebral approach of music.”

6 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre Interview & Synth Jam

  1. 05:30 ->
    1. Wrong answer Jean-Michel Jarre, you don’t like the Yamaha DX-7 because you don’t have the creativity/imagination to program one. People also tried to imitate real instruments with Moog Minimoog or arp odyssey, you can just look into official released patchbooks and you will know.
    2. There is also something between analog and digital called Hybrid, example Ensoniq ESQ-1. You cannot set everything in black and white.

    This guy does not know what he is talking about and lost it in the late 80s, which is also the reason why he felt behind from example DX-7 and never managed to release anything worth listening after the 80s.

    1. I guess you missed the whole point. Jarre has stated that his disagree with DX-7 because of the use of standard patches but not because is not possible to create something new with DX-7. He clearly says that there were a lot of music produced in 80’s using DX-7 standards.

      2. There a lot of Hybrids today, but there is a difference between analog and digital


      You are taking conclusions too fast without really knowing about the artist and electronic music

    2. Fully and totally agree….instead of talking so much he should compose and out beat himself (80s Jarre)

      PS Also…Guitar is Mono?…I understand his point but it is more a polyphonic instrument to me

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