New Konarie Chirp Synthesizer Rack Extension Designed For Touch Control

Konarie has introduced Chirp – a new Rack Extension instrument that they say is the first RE synthesizer designed specifically for (optional) hardware control.

The layout of Chirp is designed to match the layout of the Behringer BCR2000 MIDI hardware, so you can have tactile control that reflects what you see onscreen. You can also purchase a sticker kit for the BCR 2000 from the Konarie Etsy store.

Here’s what Konarie has to say about Chirp:’

By design, the Chirp is a simple yet powerful musical instrument. There is no mod-matrix, menu diving or complex envelopes. It is straight forward – like analog synthesizers from the 70’s and 80’s. Yet, the hybrid approach gives the user power and convenience that can exceed analog hardware in many ways. Patch saving, automation, powerful sequencing, digital fx, and the Reason Rack environment open the door to flexibility not possible in the analog realm.

The sampled oscillator analog waveforms are mapped “per key” using professional high-end and vintage studio equipment for an authentic and modern sound. Chirp gives you the perfect blend of both digital and analog worlds.

Pricing and Availability

Chirp is available with an intro price of US $39 (normally $49).

If you’ve used Chirp, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

4 thoughts on “New Konarie Chirp Synthesizer Rack Extension Designed For Touch Control

  1. Good price. Seems pretty turn key.

    For an un-Reason-able alternative, you can take your BCR2000 and assign the knobs manually to many VST/AU synths.

  2. The idea of designing it according to an existing controller with a lot of knobs is appealing.
    I hope others will follow.
    (As I’m over and done with Reason until they make a scaleable rack)

  3. I had plans to download the SDK and do this concept for the meeblip triode synth, making a rack that would interface with the synth midi so it could be automated etc easier. The roadblock I ran into was that I don’t have a registered small business which they require for developers and I didn’t want to have to manage a license… so I didn’t ever make it.

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