Expressive E Touché Now Works With Windows

Expressive E has announced that Lié – their companion software for the Touché expressive controller – is now available for Windows. 

The Touché is a MIDI + CV controller that you can use in combination with MIDI and CV hardware to let you play your existing gear more expressively. You can map various gestures on the Touché to control whatever you like.

The performance video, embedded above, showcases the expressive possibilities of the Touché.

Lié is designed to work hand in hand with Touché. Available in both VST and AU formats, Lié is compatible with all major DAWs.

See the Expressive E site for details.

9 thoughts on “Expressive E Touché Now Works With Windows

  1. Why can’t this unit just be class compliant and send standard MIDI CC, which could be mapped to a plugin’s parameter in any host?

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