Free Organ Virtual Instrument For Linux, Mac & Windows

Modartt has released Organteq Alpha – a new physically modeled pipe organ – as a free download for Linux, Mac & Windows.

Organteq Alpha is designed to reproduce the complex behavior of organ flue pipes. It is a small organ with a keyboard range of 4 octaves (from F1 to F5) and with 2 stops: a Flute 8′ and a Flute 4′ (octave).

It is provided as a standalone instrument. Modarrt says that it should be regarded as a preview of a more advanced commercial version in development, due to be released during 2018.

Here’s a preview of Organteq Alpha in action:

See the Modartt site for details.

4 thoughts on “Free Organ Virtual Instrument For Linux, Mac & Windows

  1. Though I have very little need for organ sounds like this, I do like them.

    With Pianoteq, Modartt make a wonderful, musical instrument . If they follow their same design philosophy and allow some parameters to create new sort of stretched-reality sounds, I’ll be quite interested in using it.

    I had asked the developer if they might consider making a wind instrument model. I suppose this is step in that direction. Perhaps with a breath controller assignment and the ability to scale the upper harmonics with velocity and/or BC level, it could be pretty responsive that way.

  2. Great that there’s a new organ plug-in and once they do reed stops it should hopefully sound really great – I could imagine polyphony being a challenge (pipe-organs needs huge pumps = CPUs 🙂

    But I must say that that is the worst rendering of this beautiful haunting piece by Cesar Franck. Firstly this is the prelude that they’ve butchered (not the variation or the fugue). Must have been a rubbish MIDI file they picked up from somewhere. Go to YouTube, you’ll find lots of videos of this absolutely wonderful piece of music. Need Wendy Carlos or William Orbit to cover this properly on Synthtopia!! 🙂

  3. It will be interesting to see if this is different enough to avoid a lawsuit from Viscount, in relation to their PM organ line, Physis. Viscount did come out with a PM piano, so I guess it’s fair for this to happen.

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