Awesome Miniature Version Of Keith Emerson’s 1974 Keyboard Rig

This video, via Ronaldo Lopes Teixeira ROLT, documents his meticulously-detailed miniature version of Keith Emerson‘s 1974 keyboard rig.

The models are built from balsa wood and various materials at 1:6 scale – about the right size for Barbie in her rock star phase – but are crafted so exactingly that you can almost imagine the patches.

Here are the various synths and keyboards modeled:

  • Moog Modular
  • Ribbon Controller
  • Hammond C3 Organ
  • 2 Mini Moogs Model D
  • Hohner Clavinet D6
  • Hammond L100 Organ
  • Moog Constellation (Moog Lyra + Moog Apollo)
  • Lawrence Honky Tonk Piano
  • Steinway Grand Piano

A playlist documenting some of his other hand-crafted miniatures is embedded below:


5 thoughts on “Awesome Miniature Version Of Keith Emerson’s 1974 Keyboard Rig

  1. If you think playable synths have limited overall sales, imagine how few of these little beauties would move off of most store shelves, even Hot Topic’s. They’re not known as catering to prog types anyway. If Sweetwater offered them, I’d go for a couple myself, just to liven up “The Rig.” Renaldo, your craftsmanship is polished to a high sheen. Its a very cool expression of fan-hood.

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