Behind The Scenes With FM Player Developer Matthew Fecher synth guru Tim Webb shared this interview with developer Matthew Fecher, who gives a demo and behind-the-scenes look at the free iPad virtual instrument FM Player

In the video, one of the latest in Webb’s Let’s Play series, Fecher talks about sampling a classic ‘touched-by-Bowie’ Yamaha DX7II, and the process of making FM Player.

FM Player is not just free, but open source. Developers can get the source code via GitHub for making new rompler-style virtual instruments for iOS.

6 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes With FM Player Developer Matthew Fecher

  1. It made me remember, that I used to own 80’s Bowie’s Merc…my girlfriend crashed it last year…it was a total lost and irreparable =,(…I apologize because my comment it is not inherent nor to the vid, nor to the site…just wanted to share =/

    1. That’s OK. This app sound so good and is so downright playable, that if you sit down with it for a while it may remind you of what is really important in life, and that you are the fortunate son who once owned Bowie’s Merc…

    1. Remember this a free 100% app. No IAPs or ads. I agree that AUv3 would be an awesome addition, but seriously it’s free, fun to play and sounds great. Just like the DX7 I used to have but easier to use (with no cartridges).

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