Critter & Guitari Organelle Gets Major Update

Critter & Guitari has released version 3 of the Organelle operating system.

The update brings new patch handling, better MIDI support, web-based patch management and more.

Here’s what’s new in Organelle v3:

  • Patch sub folders – Organize your patches into different folders for easier access (e.g. effects, synths).
  • Nested system menu – The System menu is organized into categories.
  • OLED graphics messages – Draw graphics on the OLED screen right from Pd, great for displaying envelopes or waveforms.
  • Overriding default Pd settings – A patch may override the default Pd settings, for example to change the sampling rate.
  • Generic patch launching – The Organelle is no longer for only Pd patches and will load patches written in other languages (e.g. SuperCollider)
  • Zip installer – Move patches in zip form onto the Organelle for unzipping / installation. Instead or having to download and unzip, simply copy it to the Organelle and select install.
  • New .zop file extension – We’ve created a new file extension for Organelle patches and installers: .zop which stands for ‘zipped organelle package’.
  • WiFi setup – There is a system menu command for selecting and connecting to WiFi networks, making it much easier to get connected and enjoy things like Link for synchronizing your Organelle with other instruments.
  • Built in webserver – In the WiFi menu you can enable a built in web server that can run apps for configuring and eventually controlling patches.
  • Web based patch manager – Built in web based file manager for uploading patches and moving them around. Swapping USB drive in and out is no longer needed.
  • Better info screen – More info on the info screen.
  • Favorites list – Patches may be added to a favorites list for quicker access.
  • Internal patch storage – Storing patches on the SD card is now possible, eliminating the need for any USB drive. (this requires an updated SD card however)
  • Better MIDI support – It is possible to use multiple MIDI devices. Some MIDI devices that were problematic before (because they showed up as 2 devices) are working.

The new OS is a free update from the C&G site.

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