AAS Updates Chromaphone 2

Applied Acoustic Systems let us know that they have released an update for their acoustic object synthesizer plug-in, Chromaphone 2.

The new version includes fixes and enhancements, as well as a brand new Basics bank containing initialization presets to help you create new sounds from a blank state.

The update is free and available now on AAS’ website.

Pricing and Availability

Chromaphone 2 is available now for US $99 (a 50% discount, through January 22, 2018).


6 thoughts on “AAS Updates Chromaphone 2

  1. AAS makes great instruments. I use their guitar plug Strum and it really steps up with authority. I use Sculpture in Logic for my PM synth, but Chromaphone is easier to approach. They offer several inexpensive sound banks for it, too; you can learn a lot by tweaking the presets. Its a good way to sound more personal. The company’s only real flaw is the lack of a resizing option for their GUIs. I’ll easily tolerate that in trade for the solid musicality. $99 is a no-brainer price.

  2. I look forward for them to add MPE support and the ability to cope with high midi rates for parameter modulation. It’s such an expressive source already!

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