Hardware vs Software – Yamaha DX7 vs Arturia DX7 V vs DEXED VST

How well do software versions of digital instruments match the originals?

That’s the question tackled in the latest Woody Piano Shack video, which compared a vintage Yamaha DX7 keyboard to software versions, the recently released Arturia DX7 and the free DEXED

While the software versions can match the original digital hardware very closely, there are quirks of both the original hardware and the software versions to watch out for.

The original DX7 has a quirk in the way it handle MIDI Velocity, only transmitting values of 1-100, instead of 1-127. Modern software doesn’t have this limitation, so matching a performance from a DX7 to a software counterpart requires taking this issue into account.

Woody uploaded this follow-up video, where he’s made sure to make an apples-to-apples comparison:

Check out the videos and share your thoughts in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Hardware vs Software – Yamaha DX7 vs Arturia DX7 V vs DEXED VST

  1. This is pretty cool. Thanks for posting this. The DX7 wins easily. Wonder how these all compare to FM Player? (I know that’s an Apples to Oranges comparison. But, I’m mainly interested in the presets)

  2. The Arturia looks pretty. But, people can get all their DX7 needs covered for free: For example, Dexed is free for those who want to make their own sounds. And, FM Player has near-perfect DX7 tone.

    BTW, Woody’s YouTube channel is really great. Now I know what I’m going to be watching over holiday!

  3. between dexed and the arturia emulation i chose Dexed all the way, despite the arturia have nice features, it seems to not be as close as dexed emulating the real dx7

  4. Some patches, you could put something like a D82 or a clariphonic on the Arturia and you would be fine, and other patches their is magic missing

  5. In my ears Arturia sounds better with no phasing on all sounds like Dexed. Some sounds are muddy on the Arturia, but that’s just because of wrong velocity data. Arturia should fix that in an update when importing sysex. Arturia is way better on bottom end and closer sounding to the original. Put on some headphones, you will hear what i mean. FM-Sounds are usually damn static with no external FX, but Dexed ist constantly modulating. Some may like that, me not.

    1. Probably because it’s on a completely different level and much more powerful with a different synth engine; these comparisons are comparing DX7 and its clones/emulations. I would have loved to see the Volca FM included though.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, DX7-V is a nice bonus within the V Collection. I would never even consider buying only one of their synths as the V Collection has insane value relatively speaking, much like Native Instruments’ Komplete. Arturia’s plugins are still more powerful than something like Dexed because of the additional features they add to all of them.

  6. hmmm, then the only reason for me to upgrade my V Collection would be for the Buchla Easel, which wouldn’t make sense for $200 USD. Perhaps I just get the Easel plug alone. Might need to do my own comparison with Dexed (thanks for turning me on to this – I’ve missed this one) and my hardware TX81Z along with a trial of Arturia’s.

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