Phasemaker – A New 6-Operator FM Synth For iOS

Developer Bram Bos let us know about a new FM synth he’s released for iOS, Phasemaker. Phasemaker is the first 6-Operator FM Synth for iOS, building on the legacy of the FM synths that helped define the sound of the 80s. It’s also the first FM Audio Unit instrument (AUv3), so it works in leading mobile DAWs, including Auria, Cubasis, Modstep… Read More Phasemaker – A New 6-Operator FM Synth For iOS

FM4 Update Adds Audiobus Support And More

Primal Audio let us know that they’ve updated FM4, their four-operator FM synthesizer for iPad. They also introduced a free version, FM4 Lite, that lets you try the app out, but has a few of the more advanced features, like MIDI and Audiobus, disabled. . Here’s what’s new in FM 4 1.1: