Nomad Hands – ‘Peter is bach’

Synthesist Olivier Briand shared this music video for Peter is bach, from his Nomad Hands collaboration with drummer Mourad, Space Watch.


  1. 2 Times  [5’52]
  2. Peter is bach  [6’40]
  3. Cognitive connection  [13’17]
  4. What time is it?  [6’40]
  5. Making sense  [4’28]
  6. Le mécanisme d’anthicythère  [11’44]
  7. You must play monotonus  [7’44]
  8. L’horloge cosmique 223  [14’12]

Briand says that “Space Watch is an interaction between two rhythmic musicians who wonder about time. The duo mixes Mourad’s acoustic drums that echo through Olivier’s computer sequences. The album is inspired as much by the beats of the cosmos as by the mystery of the machine of anthicythère.”

3 thoughts on “Nomad Hands – ‘Peter is bach’

  1. Very Nice. As if time rolled back say some 40 years, and still very nice music in that style.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if Peter was a reference to Peter Baumann, but can’t place the Bach here.

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