VHS-ACID From Estonia

meisterjaan shared this music video for Yomidaiganesmees, a strange dose of VHS-Acid from Estonia.

Here’s what¬†meisterjaan has to say about the track:

The track is inspired by an incident when I was at a Psytrance festival and was trying to get some sleep in a house designated for sleeping but there was this guy running up and down the hallway, banging his head against the walls and repeating over and over: “You don’t know what just happened.”

A bit about technical side:

The track is made with analog synths. The main bassline is Volca Bass – I tried 303, MS-20 and some other stuff for the same line aswell but somehow Volca Bass sounded just right.

Also used are: Jomox MBase 11, Korg Monotribe, Korg MS-20, Elektron Analog Rytm, EHX Memory man delay, Jew’s harp, vocals, Moogerfooger ringmodulator.

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