An Introduction To Modular Synthesizer Clocks & Clock Dividers

In this video, host Caitlin offers a quick introduction to modular clock signals, and using a clock divider to create a basic drum rhythm.

Caitlin demos this with The Mad Music Machine – a Eurorack modular synth, created as a STE(A)M project at a UK primary school’s Code Club. 

In addition to providing a fun and concise introduction to clock signals and clock dividers, Caitlin’s video demonstrates how young people can get inspired by projects like this, and how a hacked Ikea chest of drawers and some Eurorack modules can introduce some fairly complex concepts in a fun way.

4 thoughts on “An Introduction To Modular Synthesizer Clocks & Clock Dividers

  1. When I was Caitlin’s age I was trying to figure out how to filter and shape a sawtooth to make it sound like a trumpet. How times have changed…and in a very good way I may add. Thank you Caitlin, and to all others like you., The future of synthesis is now officially guaranteed…

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