Behringer Teases New Module Ahead Of 2018 NAMM Show

Behringer is continuing its series of teaser images of unreleased hardware, sharing the image, above, with the note ‘The first New Year baby is about to see the light of day.’

The timing suggests that the company may be trying to do some counter-programming to upcoming 2018 NAMM Show, scheduled for later this month. Behringer has previously teased six new Behringer synth clones, including clones of the ARP 2600 and EMS VCS3; and five Behringer drum machine clones, including clones of the Roland TR-808 and TR-909.

Check out the photo and share your thoughts in the comments.

51 thoughts on “Behringer Teases New Module Ahead Of 2018 NAMM Show

  1. Until they release the minimoog clone, these teases will look pretty pointless and ridiculous. They could tease an update on the Minimoog, maybe even leak an update for all those who pre-ordered.

    1. I was thinking the same thing – they’ve been promising to reshape the synth world for a couple of years, they might try under-promising and over-delivering instead.

      1. > they might try under-promising and over-delivering instead.

        That wouldn’t be Behringer. Not just teasers. Same shit with their ‘specifications’ lists for years.

    2. When I mentioned this on a previous Behringer article when they “announced” the entire range thing maybe 9 or so months back I got completely slagged off.

      Finally everyone is coming to the opinion I had back then.

      Behringer are all mouth and no trousers. Vaporware writ large.

  2. Clearly a VCS3 Patch-Matrix. No more Behringer bashing please. Hundreds of others could have done this before but didn’t. If gear is there for cheap, then music becomes more important than GAS. That will be a fine Behringer Eurorack with some golden additional modules like Morphagene, Assimil8or, Clouds and others. Good 2018!

    1. Synthtopia comments bash everything unequivocally. This is the one product/company that needs a good bashing. Tease without delivery gets you bashed. I’ve seen products bashed for small screens, tiny knobs, too small an interface, not enough keys, etc. This is a worthy bashing even moreso if they release the minimoog and its hot garbage.

      I’ve never seen a circuit board tease, that deserves a bashing alone. It could be an advanced new thermostat with FX and patch points and midi for all we know.

    2. I will be infinitely less interested in a VCS 3 clone that doesn’t use those plastic golf tee things for patching. It’s an essential part of the unattainable mystique.

    3. The VCS3 pin matrix is 16 by 16 (to total 256 junctions), the shown circuit board is 7 by 8 (total of 56 junctions). They are gonna need another 200 sockets if this were to be a VCS3 clone!

    4. Is it important the instrument you pay for keeps working? Notice there are no threads on the patch point jacks? The only strain relief is solder on the circuit board. Now look at a Mother 32. All patch points have nuts securing them to the steel front panel. Quality is worth the extra cost and the fact the manufacturer values it over profit says a lot to me.

      1. Sadly, it seems that many synthoids don’t realize that. They just see the price and mash the “buy it!” button without a second thought. The truth will come two or three years down the road.

  3. FWIW, whatever this is has an analog chorus / delay section – two of the MN3005 14-pin-DIP-with-only-8-pins package are clearly visible in the upper left.

  4. I will be releasing a version of Chinese Democracy only using these announced behringer synths in the beginning of April.

  5. There’s a popular TV program in my country called “scammed” …
    Behringer company used to have some fine products, like the BCR2000 and the Deepminds, but the way this man is behaving these last two years he’s only ruining his “own” company. Scammed: don’t do business with.

  6. 1. Only one midi port?
    2. And in the front? (Fail design)(such midi connections should be on back, not front..same design mistanke as with their model D)

    1. Pure speculation, but the the jack configuration looks a lot like the Mother32 – 8 1/8″ sockets is pretty much the maximum that fit into the height available in Eurorack. That would explain the front-panel MIDI jack, as there’s not a (generally accessible) “back” to attach to in the modular format.

  7. Obviously they’ve prototyped a VCS3. Good for them. If it’s a product at the right price I’ll buy it.

    Until then… I have work to do.

  8. Judging by the chip with hand-drawn Arturia logo next to MIDI, a hardware V-Collection emulation? Makes sense if you think of it.

  9. Still waiting for the ARP clone, this isn’t it. Looks like a Model D ‘deluxe’ with patch bay.

    All talk no action.

  10. This came out of their R&D room on their website by accident. (Awaiting the sorry message)
    It has DIN PC keyboard connector and by pressing a key on your keyboard it outputs a sound on one of the 56 mini jacks emulating a 4.6666667 octave keyboard. You can then use a 56 channel analog mixer to mix the signals. That is what you call innovation !
    And .. finally a purpose my IBM PCjr keyboard.

  11. Designing prototypes is one thing, but implementing the production line in China whereas they have been busy manufacturing mostly mixers, MIDI keybards and digital stuff, with all the specific calibration tests it requires on the analog circuit to reach satisfying quality control, while keeping the original target price as low as you first announced it (bare in mind that Behringer’s Minimoog price has already been revised) seems to be almost mission impossible.

  12. The Deepmind never left the factory with one unit having a display that was properly aligned. Quality is a huge concern whatever it is.

  13. It’s called the Behringer savings plan. Every time they tease something I throw my money at the screen. They then don’t release the products so I’ve ended up with a nice pile of money at the bottom of the screen. Enough to buy a product when Uli finally ships something 🙂 He’s a clever one, this Uli chap.

  14. My guess is MS-20 with extras. The leak page said “Complete Eurorack solution – main module can be transferred to a standard Eurorack case” (but didn’t mention a delay).

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