EboSuite Turns Ableton Live Into An Audio Visual Production Suite

EboStudio has introduced EboSuite, a collection of plugins for OS X, designed to turn Ableton Live into an audio visual production suite.

EboSuite consists of six plugins, designed for video sampling, video mixing and editing:

  • eSampler – The eSampler is a fully functional video sampler. Drag audiovisual clips into the sampler and produce video beats and melodies, trigger videos live, simulate video scratching or use it in ‘video only’ mode to visualize your own sounds. You can use up to 127 eSamplers on one track using a Drum Rack.
  • eClips – Use the eClips plug-in to add video playback functionality to Ableton Live’s Session View. Drag video files into Session View clip slots and play and treat them like audio clips (edit warp markers, loop points, start/end point etc.).
  • eCrossfade – With the eCrossfade plug-in you can mix your video tracks in real time using different blend modes and visual effects (currently nine available). eCrossfade is controlled by Live’s crossfader.
  • eComper – Use the eComper plug-in to consolidate your MIDI clip that is controlling one or more eSamplers to a new video file, without leaving Ableton Live. You can drag the new video clip directly from eComper’s interface to a Session View clip slot, to use it immediately.
  • eSyphon – With the eSyphon plug-in you can route the output of your video tracks to other video applications like VJ-, video mapping- or visual effects software.
  • eConvert – With the eConvert plug-in you can easily convert video files to the HAP codec within Ableton Live. You can drag the newly encoded video file directly from eConvert’s interface to a Session View clip slot or the eSampler for further use.

Video clips with alpha channel and of any resolution are supported (e.g. 4K, 1080p, 720p or 360p). While EboSuite is tightly integrated into Live’s interface, all video processing is done outside of Live, for optimal performance and reliability.

Here’s a demo of EboSuite, from Ableton Loop 2017:


  • Mac OS 10.10+
  • Ableton Live 9.5+ (64 bit preferred)
  • Max for Live 7.2+

Pricing and Availability

EboSuite is available with an introductory price of €99 (standard price €179). A demo version is also available.

16 thoughts on “EboSuite Turns Ableton Live Into An Audio Visual Production Suite

  1. Awesome! Eboman has doing cool stuff with video & audio manipulating for a long time now here in the Netherlands. Hope for him it will sell well.

    1. Hi McPepe, we are focussing on the Mac version for now. EboSuite is under constant development and there are a lot of features we would like to add. We get a lot of requests for a Windows version, so we might give that a higher priority in the future, but that is not going to be soon. Since we have a small team, we have to set our priorities carefully.
      Best, Jeroen

  2. Pretty impressive and very reasonable price. Unfortunately I won’t be buying it unless they release a windows version. Oh well. I’ve got plenty of toys in my box,

  3. I’ve been using Remixvideo for a similar use but it has a lot of issues that annoy me. This seems like the answer. Gonna try then most likely buy. So glad that someone is getting serious about Ableton LIVE and video!!!!

  4. yes yes been waiting for this . almost pulled the trigger on some other software but . thiss looks nice keep it up and thanks for your work!!1

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