Ableton Live 10 Now In Public Beta; Testers Needed

Ableton announced today that the newest version of their flagship product, Live 10, is now in public beta.

In order to support the widely divergent Live user workflows and hardware setups, Ableton is looking for a broad range of testers to help them “find and reproduce all unintended behavior” in the newest beta version of Live that is not present in the most recent release version. Ableton developers explain the need in greater detail:

“[User] feedback not only helps us improve the current version of Ableton Live but also influences the course of future product development. We also actively recruit internal beta and alpha testers from the most helpful public beta testers.”

Announced in November 2017, Live 10 will be available in wide release later in the first quarter of 2018.

Interested Ableton Live 9 Standard or Suite owners are invited to try out the beta version of Live 10 today by signing up at this link. More information about the Live 10 beta testing program is available on the Ableton website.

21 thoughts on “Ableton Live 10 Now In Public Beta; Testers Needed

    1. It makes sense to leave the testing to Suite and Standard users as there are too many functions that Intro users wouldn’t be familiar with to sense a bug…. but I get your point.

    2. Testing and marketing shouldn’t be confused, they’re totally different things. Testing’s a part of the development cycle, to test is to check the program for bugs before making it commercially available. Marketing’s done on the finished product. Testing & development are done behind the scenes, marketing isn’t.

      A test version is not a demo version either. Demos are cut back versions of the end product for showing the customer what to expect & get hyped for, essentially these are part of the marketing process. Essentially Ableton Live Intro is a demo.

      If you go to the user base for testing, you want it done by users that understand their work and will continue spending their money on the product. There will be bugs in the test version, that’s a given. Once those bugs are documented, a new phase of development’s done to fix them before the program goes on sale.

      If everything in Intro exists in Standard & Suite there’s not much point testing Intro. You’ll double handle the work & potentially end up with different code sitting behind what should be the same thing.

      Hope that helps clarify a few things (I’ve done a bit of development & test work over the years).

    1. Companies do open betas all the time. Inhouse beta testing is certainly done as well. But open betas are great at create a large diverse cross-section of users with different workflows and use cases.

  1. I can’t believe the moaning in these comments. Live 10 is a clear improvement in terms of workflow. I only have the standard version, and thus am not even getting almost any of the new devices. Still, I am very happy with the dozens of small but important improvements, and probably lots more to come during the several years of updates I will be getting for my money.

    I would also much rather already have Live 10 Beta in my hands now, than wait for a while for the release version.

    1. People just love to complain. It’s been a long time since Ableton asked for money for an update. This one might not have a ton of new features but it had more than enough for me to buy it. You have to take into consideration that they will probably introduce more minor feature enhancements, as they have in the past, for free with a version 10.1, 10.2 etc.

      For anyone who feels it isn’t worth the price, don’t upgrade. It’s that simple. Complaining has never changed a price.

      1. There is no way back for me. Bitwig is perfect for me. It’s fast and the workflow is easy.
        And yes, I like the Bitwig sampler trash.

          1. yes it was. anyone could go and register for beta programme via their site, go and download this beta. that’s exactly what i did back in December. so what’s new?

  2. It’d be great if the beta serial worked. So many people including myself are without them after registering. What a let down.

  3. Live Lite is demo can cannot be purchased. Live Intro is a version you can purchase.. Not demo. Intro has 16 tracks, Lite has 8, that is the major difference.. About the many features” differences between Intro and Site/Standard, there actually are not that many, just more tracks, instruments, packages (sounds) and for suite Suite Max/MSP + the two new instruments in Live 10 only available in suite. The Intro version covers 99% of all core functionality and should be fully usable to gain test data. Many people may have a copy of Intro and it’s kind of unwise from Ableton not to use 10 beta to push them over the decision point. AL is very nice with Push. For anything else, Bitwig might be the future. Own both.

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