midimittr iOS App Updated & Now Open Source

Developer Matthias Frick let us know that midimittr -a simple utility that delivers low-latency MIDI over Bluetooth LE/USB to iOS Music apps that support MIDI – has been updated and is also now open source.

Frick says that “It was time for me to do a UI refresh and subsequent rewrite to Swift. The outcome is ‘midimittr 2.0’, which should be even easier to use than the previous version, with a more streamlined user interface and experience.”


  •  Connect to other Bluetooth MIDI Hardware, iOS or macOS devices wirelessly
  • Remembers previous routing settings for an uninterrupted workflow
  • Works in background
  • Get even lower latency with MIDI over Lightning cable*
  • Support for both iPad and iPhone

midimittr is available in the App Store as a free download. The open source code is available via github.

4 thoughts on “midimittr iOS App Updated & Now Open Source

  1. Bloody Apple would make life a whole lot easier if they simply enabled standard USB-MIDI and USB-Audio to pass over their 30-pin and lightning charge/sync cables.

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