Tom Whitwell On The History Of Synthesizers

This video, via mylarmelodies, captures a discussion by Tom Whitwell (Music Thing Modular) on The History Of Synthesizers.

Whiwell’s discussion comes from CV FREQS in London.

Video Summary:

“I was excited to be given permission to film the fantastic Tom Whitwell of Music Thing Modular, giving a history lesson on the emergence of technologies that led to the inception of modern synthesizers in the twentieth century (and beyond!).”

2 thoughts on “Tom Whitwell On The History Of Synthesizers

  1. The reality of it is that the early days of synths were only for people with money.

    After a while, companies began to create comparatively less expensive synths for the have nots while still catering to those with the means to buy the synths that everyone really wanted.

    You had a Juno 6, but you really wanted a Jupiter 8. You had an Axxe, but you really wanted a 2600 etc.

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