Korg Volca Mix Coming At 2018 NAMM Show (Unofficial)

It looks like Korg may be introducing a new volca at the 2018 NAMM Show

Images have leaked via several sources of a Korg volca mix, a mini-mixer that’s designed to both power and mix up to three of volcas. Based on the image above, the volca mix will provide two mono and one stereo input, and stereo headphone and line outputs.

Other features include an Aux In, master tempo and sync controls, and stereo speakers.

Official details are still to be announced.

Image via reddit

29 thoughts on “Korg Volca Mix Coming At 2018 NAMM Show (Unofficial)

  1. Guess they didnt see that sweet volca mix mock up and went with the pointless faders and a speaker! Would love to know who is excited about speakers? Looks kind of goofy design-wise.

    1. When it comes to portable gear I really like speakers. That is a feature that I buy. If can play it in the car while my girlfriend drives she likes to hear what I’m doing so my Yamaha Cs is always a fun take along. Sometimes I narrate stuff around us with sound effects! My friends like to hear as well and they like to press buttons and see what stuff does. Basically having speakers is a simple feature to enhance fun.

      1. not sure about the speakers…in those days where you can get quite good sounding portable speakers…for under 100$.
        If the sound is the same that comes out of the Volca-speakers, i would prefer external speakers. But i know what you mean with that instant speaker fun factor…

        …what about a Volca Speakerbox. Naaaaah….

        Anyway…some people will be happy about the Volca-Mixer…for sure.

        (btw. quite clever to integrate the DC-Splitter)…i like.

      2. I guess some people will find good use for it. I used to carry around a little portable speaker, like 10 bucks from radioshack that had really good bass and fit in the palm of my hand, like an orb. So when I see it as a feature, it just seems to be taking away space for something else. Like my op-1 has never made a sound through the speaker, but I get it.
        I plugged the op-1 to the aux input of my car and did a set in cvs parking lot before, was really fun. Now I just need to get my girlfriend to share some of the driving duties and its on.

    2. Aside from the Tempo master and power hub, this thing is pretty rubbish. For the pricepoint, you can get a decent 3 channel dj mixer with way more functionality. Even with it being portable and battery powered, $150 is just way too high of a price for what it does.

  2. Great I look forward to mixing the keys, bass, kick, sample, beats and fm into 3 inputs…..
    oh… sorry 4 including the aux….

    Seriously… if this is the end product I’ll pass.

  3. Seems too limited to be the tail end of a volca-only setup but I could see this as a simple way of adding a couple volcas and a stereo compressor to an electribe rig.

    At least, that’s how I’m interpreting this photo. What else are those ‘dynamics’ and ‘speed’ knobs going to do? If it doesn’t sound totally craptastic, having that compressor might be worth the price of admission.

  4. I own all 6 Volcas – even the Kick, which I think was a mis-marketed, underrated analog sub bass synth. But this mock-up, if real, does not interest me. Why do you need power outs for battery powered, portable devices? Is it better to have 3 Volcas fed through these crummy mini speakers, or just play each Volca through its own crummy mini speakers and control the level on each device?

    Finally, is this better than a 50 dollar Behringer or Mackie mixer that can be used for anything?

  5. I don’t normally do comments of this kind, but….

    What is the POINT of even including speakers if it ISN’T battery-powered???


  6. It’s real and up on Korg’s site. MSRP $224. Think that’s an instant skip. Was really hoping for at least 4 real inputs. And maybe some Volca Velcro straps to manage the cables.

  7. Considering how cheap and powerful a mini mixer is and how many options are out there for the volca’s, this seems like a late joke. I don’t see any really substantial features here that would make someone who has owned volca’s for a while rush out and buy. They should have thought of this when the first line of volca’s appeared.

    1. The Volca line is far from dead. I have no idea what Korg is going to do next, but I assume that they will continue to release more Volcas. Besides that, I know of other small companies planning to launch Volca format synths. And to help this process along I (KVgear) am going to develop an empty Volca-sized molded housing that will be made available for anyone to purchase.

  8. From the Volka Beats with no cowbell or rimtap, to the Volka Bass with no TB-like features, this. Misses the mark every time with me.

  9. Faders instead of knobs is a big plus for a mixer. The built-in compressor will benefit beginners and people with small setups, and the effects loop is a great feature too. It’s also a great way to power up the volcas. The only thing I’m not that excited about it the master tempo control, since every single volca unit can already work as a tempo master, and most have displays for it, too.

  10. If you’re playing with Volcas this is perfect for you. They are not professional instruments by any stretch of the imagination.

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