Web-Based Roland D-05/D-50 WebMIDI Patch Editor

Breadandbuttersounds has introduced a new web-based editor/patch sharing utility for the Roland D-05/D-50.

The D-05/D-50 editor/patch sharing utility requires no installation and is verified to work on Mac, PC and Android using a Chrome Browser.


  • Bi directional communication with your Roland Boutique D-05 or D-50 using Sysex
  • Use the Request button to capture the currently loaded patch on the hardware
  • Copy/Paste beteen partials. You can even paste partial parameters between patches this way. Please note that if you paste a partial into a layer with another configuration than the source (PCM/Synth) then the result might look confusing.
  • See parameters and learn from your favorite presets
  • You can save your patches if you log in using a Google Account
  • The editor contains original patches by breadandbuttersounds and many more will follow as users start sharing with each other.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Instead of making a virtual copy of the PG-1000 like most other editors out there we have focused on giving the user the ability to see all 316(!) parameters on one screen and visualize the options for each parameter and the logical structure of a D-05/D-50 patch. You can of course also use the browser to zoom in to desired level.

The editor is free to use, but donations are welcome and help support the creation of new patch editors.

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