Analogue Solutions Intros $599 Treadstone Analog Mono Synth

Ahead of the 2018 NAMM Show, Analogue Solutions has introduced the Treadstone analog synthesizer, the third in its synthBlocks line.

Treadstone is a true analog monosynth that they say ‘packs a lot of (patchable) punch into a perfectly-matched, portable package’.


  • Full rugged steel/aluminium case
  • Fully sealed against dust
  • Quality knobs with spun aluminum caps
  • High grade double sided circuit board
  • Analog discrete VCO, analogue SSM style 24db filter
  • 16bit DAC for MIDI-CV conversion Stable MIDI to CV
  • MIDI converter
  • MIDI loop sequencer
  • LFO, Noise, Sub Osc, EG, PWM, lofi digital echo
  • Analog voice and modulation circuits
  • Stable analog oscillator
  • True ‘retro analogue voice and modulation circuits used in the synth element to give an authentic retro’
  • Real solid wood

Treadstone Video Demos:

Here’s what they have to say about the new synthesizer:

Treadstone takes its intriguing name from a fictional highly-classified, heavily-guarded secret program that features in the series of books based on a fictional spy and associated feature films; it is shut down as the thrilling plot thickens, alas. As the latest addition to Analogue Solutions’ synthBlocks series — squarely aimed at laptop and audio plug-ins-focused digital musicians wishing to apply analogue, hands-on hardware sound-sculpting creativity to their sometimes sterile-sounding computer-based creations, the tiny Treadstone true analogue mono synth is far from fictional, however; hearing is believing, but it would, without question, make for a superior-sounding, space-saving desktop addition to any discerning film composer’s creative studio space — or anyone else’s, for that matter!

More meaningfully, maybe, Treadstone treads far from carefully, but boldly goes where few analogue synthesizers dare to win… with an all-analogue audio path and modulation circuits based on superior-sounding designs dating back to the mid-Seventies, so no CPU (Central Processing Unit) stabilised and quantised circuits, no DCOs (Digitally-Controlled Oscillators), and no digital EGs (Envelope Generators), as are often found on other ‘all-analogue’ affairs. Analogue as in really analogue — aside from the MIDI-to-CV circuit (which, by its very nature, must include a digital element) — in other words.

Winning analogue attributes apart (as attested to by its immediately apparent sonic strengths), this pocket-sized powerhouse packs a lot into its 134 x 125 x 52mm diminutive dimensions — including a serious single VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) with square and sawtooth waveforms plus noise and an associated sub-oscillator, a reissue of the classic SSM2044 4-Pole VCF (Voltage Controlled Filter) chip (as used in many classic synths, such as the Korg Polysix and Monopoly, as well as E-mu’s Emulator and SP1200 sampling trailblazers), an analogue echo (REFLECT), and a unique LOOP SEQUENCER (to input, edit, and play up to 16 MIDI notes) — while weighing in at only 420g! Get this, though: Treadstone is designed, built, tested, and assembled in the UK using only high-quality components as is the Analogue Solutions way, with a full rugged steel/aluminium case combined with real ‘analogue’ wood side pieces perfectly reflecting its polished pedigree.

Put it this way: what’s within certainly counts in large amounts, albeit admittedly appearing at odds with those diminutive dimensions. Digging deeper, putting Treadstone through its musical and experimental paces can be as complex or uncomplicated an experience as deemed necessary; needless to say, Analogue Solutions has treated Treadstone to a diversity of creative controls and accompanying patch sockets, surely satisfying even the most ‘battle-hardened’ subtractive synthesists around — hardly surprising since Treadstone was designed by Analogue Solutions founder Tom Carpenter. As a fervent fan of electronic music and also an active electronic musician himself, he naturally knows a thing or two about programming synthesizers. So his latest creation clearly wasn’t the result of engineering design decisions alone — nor driven by a steering committee of men (or woman) in suits. So what else is ‘inside’ this small but perfectly formed box of subtractive synthesis tricks, then?

Thoughtfully, Treadstone is fully compatible with the ever-popular Eurorack small-format modular system and operates on the 1v/oct standard, so, armed with a fistful of 3.5mm mini-jacks, justifiably serious synthesists can interface it with their modular system or have it act as an exceptional external voice for another analogue synthesizer — after all, Oberheim’s Synthesizer Expander Module® (SEM) started life as an add-on synthesizer module for fattening up Minimoogs before becoming a sought-after sound in its own right (with up to eight embedded in Oberheim’s groundbreaking Seventies-vintage polysynths). Reality shows that Treadstone sounds a lot fatter than it looks!
Main Features

Looks, of course, can be deceiving. Demonstrating design flare and flexibility, Treadstone can capably turn its hand — well… knobs, switches, and patching — to any number of applications. Any time anyone needs analogue sound effects, fat basses, screaming leads, bleeps, blurps, zaps, and all manner of other crazy sounds associated with subtractive synthesis… try Treadstone! Then consider that Treadstone has an AUDIO IN (input) socket, so users can feed external sounds through the onboard analogue filters for analogue processing. Producing electronic percussion sounds — such as kicks, snares, hi-hats, and cymbals — is perfectly possible in the hands of skilled synthesists. Speaking of which, while Treadstone is partially pre-patched, many of these patches can be cancelled using the switches and controls. Indeed, it has such wide-ranging modulation routing possibilities that it is almost as versatile as a full modular system and can create similar sounds — and all without the mess and confusion of cables! Cables, of course, can be used to re-patch Treadstone, thanks to an abundance of carefully chosen patch sockets, or connect externally elsewhere.

Either way, Treadstone makes for a fine addition to Analogue Solutions’ synthBlocks series, and a superior-sounding, space-saving addition to any studio or stage setup. Synth in pocket, indeed… Treadstone’s no pretender!

Pricing and Availability

The Treadstone is expected to be available in Jan for £499 UK inc. VAT. [EU €589, USA $599].

10 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Intros $599 Treadstone Analog Mono Synth

  1. It’s the cheapest way to obtain that raw sound of Analogue Solutions. There may be some competition but man, this stuff by Analogue Solutions does have some rawness which you will not find anywhere else.

    Not that cheap, that’s right. But well sounding synths are priceless.

  2. $599 and only one oscillator? There are a lot of analog mono synths nowadays. For $100 less, you can get the Roland SE-02 with three oscillators and patch memory. For the same price, the Dreadbox Erebus has two oscillators. Etc. etc. For less money, this new Analogue Solutions synth would be more enticing.

  3. 600? Are we serious? For one Osc and a synth looking like a “Waldorf-Volca” .
    Well synths are priceless? Then why do they cost so much?
    No Sir! 🙂 I will gladly pass and never feel i missed something…
    Now that i think about it,,,,, Hmmm,,, should i buy this one here or a Dreadbox? Or a Dark Energy 3? Or a Mother 32? Or a Se 02 or? or? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? 🙂

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