Behind The Scenes At Vermona Elektroakustische Manufaktur

This video, via Telekom Electronic Beats, takes a behind-the-scenes look the Vermona Instruments headquarters.

Vermona makes a complete line of synthesizers, drum machines, effects, Eurorack modules and more.

Video Summary:

Visit the Vermona Instruments HQ for a closer look at its famous synthesizers, drum machines and Eurorack modules, in the latest instalment of INSIDE on Telekom Electronic Beats TV. A true German classic with a fascinating heritage dating back to Soviet-era 1950s, Vermona is most well-known for its DRM-1 drum machine, while studio connoisseurs like Stimming have a fondness for its PERfourMER units.

3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes At Vermona Elektroakustische Manufaktur

  1. They have a really excellent (emphasis on Excellence) customer service support. Two years ago one of the pots on my Vermona reverb failed and they sent me a replacement in no time. I’m still very grateful for it

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