Animatek Brings UZZ Step Sequencer To Ableton Live 10

Animatek has released UZZ 3.1, an update to their a Max For Live step sequencer.

UZZ 3.1 is a 16-step sequencer, where you can adjust each parameter in every step independently.

Here’s what’s new in version 3.1:

  • The code has been reduced by 48% and now is faster.
  • Issues in the interface have been corrected.
  • Now  you do NOT need to use SHIFT + click to save the preset, the preset in which you are working is automatically stored when you move to the next one.
  • It has included an option to copy and paste the presets that make the work more fun and fast.
  • Compatible with Ableton Live 10 and with PUSH banks (Experimental).

Pricing and Availability

UZZ is available now for 9 Euro.

2 thoughts on “Animatek Brings UZZ Step Sequencer To Ableton Live 10

  1. dear ableton please give max for live developers the ablitly to use the larger window as you have for eq and wavetable. floating windows really suck . this device looks nice tho 🙂

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