Elektron Overbridge Update Release Pushed Back Again

Elektron today announced another delay to the release of Overbridge:

We know a lot of you are eagerly and patiently waiting for the next version of Overbridge. In December we told you that we were aiming for a February release, but as we approach the middle of the month, we realize that we will not be able to keep that deadline.

As with all software development, it is sometimes tough to accurately estimate the time required to finalize an application. We can only humbly ask you to bear with us a little longer while we get everything up and running to the high standards both you and we expect from an Elektron product.

The company previously announced that it was delaying Overbridge’s release in December of last years.

Overbridge is a software system, designed to integrate your Elektron instruments with DAWs, including Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic and Bitwig.

24 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge Update Release Pushed Back Again

    1. Not exactly. But redesign the octatrack software a bit and the rytm mk2 algorytm and the analog four
      was a choice they made instead of using the ressources to finish overbridge. It for sure took them more time because of this.
      i’ve been waiting a long time for overbridge and it’s not acceptable for them to act like that. I paid for something advertised which may not even come in the end.

      Hopefully someone sue them so they fix their priorities.
      It suck for their business.

      I still like my digitakt tho

  1. How is it single developers, on their own, can develop some amazing apps & interfaces for Elektron stuff, but Elektron can’t even seem to be able to write decent audio drivers?!

    1. I would like to challenge those developers to deliver all 8 tracks of the Digitakt individually over USB. I’ll pay $50 for that app.

  2. I am currently staging a race between Bastl Thyme, the NDLR, and Overbridge.

    Overbridge was supposed to arrive first and it looks like it will be dead last!

  3. This company is failing big time and loosing me quickly .. if it weren’t that their products were so great … get your act together, Please! Don’t know where to go ..

    1. Lol – they’re failing because people like their products so much that the company can’t keep up with demand.

      Where they are failing is on the marketing side, they should under promise and over deliver and they clearly don’t know how to do this yet when it comes to their software.

    2. “failing big time” and “their products [are] so great” are a bit contradictory, no? have patience. it’s worth the wait, even if it’s longer than expected.

  4. Ya, everyone would eat their sneakers if they surprised us with an OT connection. Pretty sure that wont happen but what if the delay is to really blow us out of the water. But I’m with DW, software aint no walk in the park.

    I think the issue like most of the stuff we see on synthtopia, hard sells, no delivery, teases and demos. They should do things like underground hiphop, disappear for a while, then reappear with an album. No press, no tease, no LP’s or Singles. Just drop it on us like the Digitone.

  5. I have to admit that I am a bit anxious to get these digitakt tracks onto my DAW but it’s nothing to get upset over.
    Still loving my Digitakt and Trey just released OS 1.06 which adds a sound lock feature which is is pretty awesome!!!
    I’d rather they wait than release a buggy piece of s*** version of Overbridge.
    In the meantime I’ll be having a blast with my dt and recording it straight from the outs.

    1. The major issue is that Digitakt owners can’t download or use ANY version of Overbridge right now. The Digitakt has only stereo outs, but Elektron is promising all 8 tracks through USB and a bunch of us are real anxious for that functionality.

  6. digitone and digitakt – if only they has saving work via usb or even dare i say elektron should have had put SD card slots onto the hardware.

  7. Would be great if i can get my Analog Heat to work properly with Overbridge in Cubase. Exporting or rendering is a pain. Now it’s only working in Ableton Live without problems.

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