11 thoughts on “Moog Source Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. Tupac used this on California Love. Mr Moog had night moves and he will always be missed. I wish he was my uncle. I would pay top dollar for a volca version.

    1. To be fair, it was probably Dr. Dre that did the actual playing.

      I wonder what kind of vocoder they used on California Love? VP-330?

  2. No totally wrong sorry because I happen to know for a fact Roger Troutman used a Roland boutique VP-03 for his talk box on California Dreamin’

  3. Yaaawn…looks like a Casio…even some Casio synths have better sounds than this.
    All i see is exitement because it has the name Moog on it.

  4. Forked out too much money on one of these back in ’82.
    Although it heralded the age of one dial parameter editing (and how that dial could spin!) it was basically a Moog Prodigy in a nice brushed metal case and a few memory locations.
    Kept it for 3 months and went back to the Pro One.

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