How To Create A Hybrid Modular System With VCV Rack

The latest loopop video takes a look at how to create a hybrid modular synthesizer, with hardware and VCV Rack.

VCV Rack is a free software modular synthesizer that’s inspired by Eurorack modular systems. Though it’s available as a beta release, the platform already has a wide range of modules available.

Using an audio/cv interface, you can patch virtual modules in VCV Rack to hardware modules, to get the best of both worlds.

Video Summary:

There’s a way put together a hybrid modular synth in a gradual, focused way, by only getting the modules you need in hardware form, and integrating others using software.

After experimenting a lot with creating a hybrid VCV/Eurorack – I can say it works really nicely. If anyone asks me what’s my one must have Eurorack module, it’s definitely one which will let you bridge between virtual modules and real ones.

In this video I review the ES-8 from Expert Sleepers and the 8A from MOTU, check out their pros and cons, and how well they integrate with virtual eurorack from VCV, Softube and other software.

6 thoughts on “How To Create A Hybrid Modular System With VCV Rack

  1. Good demo, clearly presented.

    VCV Rack is a wonder and will act as a catalyst to people like me who have previously had no interest in shelling out for modular hardware.

    Looking forward to it exiting Beta and, more immediately, v0.6 delivering some performance tweaks for users on older hardware.

    As primarily an iOS musician I’d really, really like it ported there.

    No substitute for physical controls as stated in the vid but can’t argue with the convenience factor.

  2. One of my first thoughts with VCV was that a module that corresponds to the 8-in / 4-out of the ES-8 for distribution in the virtual rack would be great.

  3. Some simple integration of VCV into Hardware may be useful thinking of LFO’s, EG’s, Sequencers, Quantizers or Clocks, but doing multiple roundtrips between is only brain hacking IMHO. Nice to see how things develop. 🙂 A ES-8 may be inferior to a MOTU in terms of pure audio signal quality,

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