IKEA & Teenage Engineering Announce FREKVENS ‘Party’ Collaboration

IKEA has announced a collaboration with Teenage Engineering, FREKVENS.

The FREKVENS (frequency) collection, scheduled for release in February 2019, will feature items for facilitating a party. Initial design concepts include a vinyl player, guitar, speaker and party lighting.

The line is still early in the design stages. “We are just starting to shape the collection; it’s a work in progress. Together we constantly get new ideas to solutions and products that we want to keep on exploring,” says Michael Nikolic, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden.

“In FREKVENS, we want to make products that everybody can grasp and handle,” says Teenage Engineering CEO Jesper Kouthoofd. “Even those who are not so tech-savvy should swiftly be able to understand and use the products. And that, I guess, has been the biggest challenge, to find the right balance between technology and user friendliness.”


“Designing FREKVENS, we want to make something that feels like IKEA, and at the same time challenge how we perceive them today,” adds Kouthoofd. “IKEA is furniture, meatballs and soon… Party!”

14 thoughts on “IKEA & Teenage Engineering Announce FREKVENS ‘Party’ Collaboration

  1. Do we think they will come with assembly instructions and a tiny hex-wrench! I’m slightly interested in the vinyl player.

    I actually think this is a really cool partnership. Maybe these pieces will somehow integrate with existing T.E. equipment.

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