Radikal Berlin School Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Synth designer Jörg Schaaf (Radikal Technologies) makes the synths that he wants to play, so checking out his performance videos are a great way to see what Radikal synths can do.

Here’s what Schaaf has to say about this live jam:

In this little sequencer example I am using the pitch quantizer of the Delta CEP A and the Swarm oscillator to modify multiple sequences, just by changing the scaling of the sequencer control voltages. As I selected the same pentatonic scale for both quantizers, the resulting sequences always match and create endless variations.

I am playing a little bit on the Spectralis hybrid synth from time to time. But I apologize that this live playing sometimes sound like I am drunken or falling asleep. I can promise that that was not the case. I just forgot to activate the realtime quantize function of my right thumb and pinky 😉

The sequences are running over the Delta CEP A delay and the Spectralis over a Strymon Timeline. I am using both RT-311 outputs. One is fed into the external input of the Delta CEP A and the other output is fed through the RT-451 filter into a separate VCA with an independent envelope. The output of the VCA is then fed into the direct FX input of the Delta Cep A.

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