Oxypops Recreates Iconic Drum Machine Sound Of Jean Michel Jarre

Oxypops is a virtual take on the classic Mini Pops 7 sound, made famous by Jean Michel Jarre in the 70s.

The sounds in Oxypops are 24 Bit resolution samples and up to 16 round-robin variations are included. Noise generated sounds such as the Hi-Hat sound more natural and less “sampled” when variations of the sound are played at random.

The original rhythms have been accurately reproduced and can be combined together like on the original.

Here’s an audio demo:

Pricing and Availability

Oxypops is available now for £12.00 + VAT.

via Sonic State

15 thoughts on “Oxypops Recreates Iconic Drum Machine Sound Of Jean Michel Jarre

        1. As do I. But it’s a band-aid. I could have used the Rhythmus for free, but I bought the Oxypops instead. I really can’t be arsed to potentially compromise my production system with a chewing-gum and gaffa solution unless I have to. Nowadays that only applies to one set of plugins. Getting this sample set is a no-brainer, given the price.

  1. So modern music relies on sounds that were made 40 years ago. Then why didn’t Jean Michel Jarre copy the sounds of Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire?

  2. If there is one thing i would never support is Native Instruments and their absurdly priced elitist wannabe sampler that costs more than many Daws . Ne-ver!

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