ROLI Seaboard Block & MPE On A Microsoft Surface Pro

This video, via Molten Music Technology, takes an in-depth look at using the ROLI Seaboard Block & MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) with a Microsoft Surface Pro.

Video Summary:

An epic dive into ROLI Seaboard Block MPE controller. Looking at the hardware, the control, the data, the included software and how well it works with other things.

How do you edit MPE information in DAWs? How well does the Seaboard work with Bitwig Studio, with non-MPE virtual instruments and synthesizer and modular hardware.

I cover absolutely everything about MPE and this little squidgy device and share my thoughts on how useful it is in a studio and creative environment.

Topics Covered:

Introduction – 00:10
Install and setup – 3:32
Seaboard demo – 6:18
Explaining MPE – 11:37
What does it feel like to play? – 14:12
Looking at MPE data in Cubase – 24:38
How do other DAWs handle MPE? – 30:56
MPE in Reaper – 32:01
MPE in Tracktion Waveform – 34:08
MPE in Bitwig Studio – 37:22
Bitwig MPE “Expressions” modulators – 41:50
Non-MPE instruments in Bitwig – 47:25
Non-MPE instruments standalone – 53:19
Seaboard with Softube Modular – 56:41
Using it with hardware modular – 1:01:18
How about a MIDI monosynth – 1:07:43
Using it as a piano – 1:11:56
Conclusions – 1:13:40
Summing up – 1:18:29

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