Free Analog Drum Kits From Sensel

Sensel has released 3 kits of analog drum samples as a free download.

The library was created by synthesist Kurt Kurasaki, who created three libraries of synth percussion sounds, including bass, snares, toms and ‘wild and weird’ electronics. 

The libraries are available in several formats, produced for Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and Propellerhead’s Reason, and laid out for the classic 4×4 pads of Sensel’s Music Production overlay.

The drum kits, along with the raw samples, are available via the Sensel site.

4 thoughts on “Free Analog Drum Kits From Sensel

  1. I fail to see why samples need to be reserved for specific DAWs if they are offered free

    Just curious why cannot off wav files too

    1. They aren’t but presumably they’ve been organised into kits for Ableton Rack Instruments and Logic Ultrabeat or ESX files for your convenience

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