Casio Intros Portable CT-X Keyboard Line

Casio America has introduced the CT-X series of keyboards, which offer digital pianos, guitars, drums, basses, brass, wind instruments, string ensembles and more.

The CT-X700 and CT-X800 are designed for beginners or advanced players that need an affordable and portable instrument, while the CT-X3000 and CT-X5000 provide additional tones and DSP editing features, expression pedal inputs as well as more powerful speaker systems.

The CT-X3000 has a 6W+6W speaker system and the CT-X5000 has a 15W+15W high-output amplifier, designed to deliver sound output for rehearsal and performance applications.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The CT-X700 (MSRP: $259.99), CT-X800 (MSRP$: 299.99), CT-X3000 (MSRP: $419.99), and CT-X5000 (MSRP: $799.99) keyboards will be available at select music dealers nationwide in early 2018.

16 thoughts on “Casio Intros Portable CT-X Keyboard Line

  1. Casio should re-issue their CZ synths. Love my CZ101 and I want a CZ1 re-issue. Give analogs a run for the money. Underrated gems.

    1. maybe it could work if they follow a marketing line like Kronos had, ‘multiple engines’. They have a decent organ sound with drawbar sliders on some of their keyboards now. If they did another platform sort of like the xwp1 but include the CZ circuit too i bet i would sell. Tho maybe for the hipster synth buyers a straight up cz re-issue would work better hmm.

  2. Bring out a CZ-202. Bring all the features and upgrades we wanted in the original and you will have a true fun beast of a mini synth. It would not only be great for your sales, it would reinforce brand image and show you are still capable of making real synths without having to put much capital in R&D. Just use what you already have and study comments on YT, forums, and vintage synth explorer and you will be set. Also, the HT line was under utilized, so much more could be done with it. A HT-6000 that let you have each of the different waves be separate waveforms and add a true LFO and that would be awesome.

  3. Casio… One of the music instruments brands who killed theirselves one day in the past trying to stay afloat… Pointless instruments that any serious musician will ever want to keep anymore.

    1. This shows how much you know. Roland don’t even exist anymore. They were gobbled up by Korg. And Yamaha as well. Casio is the king.

  4. Man, this thing sure has top-grade samples going for it. Not bad. It could be a decent sound source, never mind the key action. I second the CZ-202 idea. The 101 has been sampled & soft-versioned almost as much as any Moog or Roland, so it already has a fierce following. A 202 should probably have mini-keys (ecch) and be positioned as a module. I had one ages ago and got good mileage from it. A new one should also come with the option of racing car flames on the case. The CZ-202F!

  5. I wonder how they are going to justify the over $100 more expensive X3000, let alone DOUBLING THE PRICE in the case of X5000. What is happening in there?

    1. In the Namm videos, they explained that CTX800 has a larger keybed and that the 3000 and 5000 are the same as the 700, 800 but with much more powerful speakers. So basically the difference is for a PA

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