New Klaus Schulze Album, Silhouettes, Coming In May 2018

Klaus Schulze will be releasing a new album of original music in May, Silhouettes.

His label says that, due to Schulze’s health problems, it is a quiet and meditative album.

Schulze describes the music on Silhouettes as “a reduction to the essential things. No great distractions, nothing to force your attention in a certain direction, no major effects or gimmicks, no frills or dominant rhythms.”

“It was important to me to paint the pictures in the depth of the space, the sonic fields of tension and atmosphere.”

Silhouettes will be available on CD and double vinyl LPs.

5 thoughts on “New Klaus Schulze Album, Silhouettes, Coming In May 2018

  1. Thank you Klaus, I’ve been a big follower of your work for some time. You’ve been a big positive influence on my work. Thank you again. Looking forward to your next release.

  2. Als Kind ging ich sonntags in Jugendkino. Abends lief das Erwachsenenkino. Für diese Filme durfte keine Bilder gezeigt werden. Nur über die Filmmusik gab es ein wunderschönes Poster.
    “Body Love”. Hier begann meine grosse Liebe für die Musik von KS.
    Das ist nun mehr als 40 Jahre her.

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